Google introducing AdWords account-level call extensions

Business names in call-only ads, advanced reporting and an automated call extension expansion are getting ready.

Last year, Google started a test showing business names in the call-only ads headlines just after the business contact number. The change led to outstanding conversion output, and Google is now started to testing worldwide.

google adwords call ads 2017
Google AdWords new call ads

This was one of popular announcements around with call-only ads and call extensions Google made on this week.

Account-level call extensions

For advertisers that use one main number for call extensions, Google as started account-level call extensions this Wednesday onwards. These advertisers don’t have to apply the same call extension again and again within their accounts.

Call extensions details at ad-levels and keywords

Reporting sections for “Phone impressions” and “Phone calls” will soon be available to see phone-through rates at the keyword and ad levels in the AdWords.

Better automated call extensions coming soon.

In coming months google is gonna include more advertisers in automated call extensions. This is the program, introduced in first month of this year, in which Google automatically takes contact numbers displayed on landing pages and sets up call extensions in advertisers’ accounts those who have not added yet. If you’ve got call extensions set up, then no worries.

Starting this year, 2017, Google announced that Location extensions may display local-specific contact numbers in ads rather than a central number.

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